Pin Parvati Pass

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Basic Info

Category Glacier Travel Ascent
Duration 15 Days
Grade Demanding
Season July-Oct
Location Himachal Pradesh
Area Kullu and Kaza
Day's on Treak 11
Driving 04

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About Location

One of the best trek and difficult pass goes over approx 5300m in Western Himalayas. It’s not only the altitude which makes it difficult, but to locate the pass on the ridge with glacier on both sides need skills and experience to cross over. The pass gives a spectacular view of Pin and Parvati Valley and divides Kullu and Spiti district.

Day 01: Delhi – Kiratpur Sahiab

Delhi – Kiritpur Sahiab overnight Himachal Express Train

Day 02: Kiritpur Sahiab –Karsol

Drive Kiritpur  Sahiab – Karsol (1960m) 7-8 hrs overnight hotel.

Day 03: Burshani - Khir Ganga 2940m 5-6 hrs.

Early start from Karsol to Khir Ganga, which has religious importance and hot spring water too. Drive to Barshani village is one hour.  After drive need to cross the Tos  Nala by Cement Bridge. It is a uphill walk to Nathan village. Village is surrounded by apple orchid. Nathan to Parvati river is gradually down and a wooden bridge made on Parvati gorge. Now the thick cider jungle starts till Khir Ganga. This walk is all up hill. Enjoy hot spring water at Khir Ganga. Overnight Camp / lodge.

Day 04: Kheer Ganga – Tunda Boaj 5-6 hrs  3205m 

 Khir Ganga to Tunda Boaj is walk with in cider spurs, and birch trees. It is a mix trail of up and down hill. Lots of streams are flowing all the way to Tunda Boaj. Tunda Boaj is a meadow which is beautiful camp site beside a stream. Overnight Camp.

Day 05: Tunda Boaj – Thakur Kuan 5-6 hrs 3400m

 Today trek starts with crossing a wooden bridge and downhill till Parvati river. Now you are above the tree lines only shrubs and bushes like juniper and white rhododendron can be found everywhere. After wooden bridge it is a steep up hill on top and then down till a pulley bridge. This bridge has to be crossed one by one which is a great experience. Now valley opens a wide which gives splendid view of Great Himalaya. Snow caped mountain and glacier can be seen all the way to Thakur Kuan.  Thakur Kuan is a huge meadow beside the Parvati  river. Overnight Camp at Thakur Kuan.

Day 06: Thakur Kuan – Odi Thach 5-6 hrs 3950m

This is a challenging trek up to Mantalai which gives the breath taking view of alpine valleys, hanging glaciers flowing streams and flowers. During this trek Pandav bridge has to be crossed. This is a bridge of a huge boulder over Parvati river. Steps on the boulder are made up of pile stones. Actually Pandu bridge has two parts, one part is on the Parvati river and other is on a stream before the Parvati river. Once more we cross the Parbati river by pulley bridge this is a thrilling ride. Odi Thach is a big camp site in Parvati valley. Overnight Camp.

Day 07: Odi Thach to Mantalai 3-4 hrs 4080m

There are lots of cranes all the way to Mantalai made by shepherds. Now the trail is gradually up to the Mantalai.  Mantalai is big lake of iced water fed by Parvati glacier.  Beside the Parvati river there is also a Shiva temple with Shivling which is a religious place.

Day 08: Acclimatization day at Mantali.

Day 09: Mantali – High Base camp 5-6 hrs 4500m

Today’s hike is tough; it is a steep up hill. But  trail goes on a spur with full of flowers. You may find few rare flower i.e. BHRAM KAMAL (Saussurea obvallata is a species of flowering plant. It is found in the region of the Himalayas about 4500m. It is also used to cure uro-genital disorders). As the altitude increases peaks become visible. All around unnamed peaks and hanging glaciers gives massive view. This camp site is close to a small stream which is coming out from the Parvati Glacier just above the campsite.  The days are hot and nights are very cold due to glacier and altitude.

Day 10: Extra day for bad weather.

Day 11: High base camp – Pin Parvati Pass 5300 m – Pin Base camp 7-8hrs  4400m

Start early morning to cross the pass and enter into Pin Valley. The trail is seep uphill until you reach to the pass. Most of the trail is on the glacier with crevasses. On the pass it gives a splendid view of Pin valley and Parvati valley. It is also a divider between Spiti District and Kullu District. After the pass it is steep downhill to the pin base by following a stream. Camping is beside the Pin glacier which is the source of Pin river.

Day 12: Pin Base camp to Tiai 6-7 hrs 3700 m

Trek start with crossing the Pin river. River is very cold because of Pin glacier. Also river can be crossed over by the glacier. Now the trail follows the Pin river. Most of the trail is on scree. There are some of the streams on the way. On both the bank of Pin many shepherd can be seen with flocks of sheep’s.

Day 13: Tiai to Kaza 4-5 hrs trek 2-3 drive

 It’s a unmetaled broken road until Mud and from Mud drive for 2 hrs to reach Kaza. The road goes along with the Pin river to reach Kaza. Explore  the Kee monastery in the evening. Overnight Hotel.

Day 14: Drive Kaza to Manali 7-8 hrs

Kaza to Manali is 7 hrs drive by Kunzam Pass 4520m and Rohtang Pass. At evening reach at Manali and settle in hotel. Overnight Hotel.

Day 15: Drive to Kiratpur Sahiab 7-8 hrs

Drive to each in the evening at Kiratpur to catch overnight Himachal Pradesh train to Delhi. Trip ends!

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