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The best part of the course is that you don’t need any previous mountaineering experience, you will be trained in wilderness survival and help you become the best mountain guide you can be. 90% of all classes are in the field. If you think you are tough enough and looking for future careers in adventure world, write or call us.


  1. Upon completion of the 40-day course, participants may qualify for the following certifications:
    40 Day Guide Training Certificate of Completion.
  2. Summit or Altitude Reached.
  3. CPR + Wilderness First Aid
  4. Leave No Trace

Challenge yourself to become a future expedition leader or a mountain guide in the Himalayas, the highest and most challenging mountains on the earth.

The alpine style course includes rock-climbing, snow craft, ice climbing, glacier travel, Leave No Trace, and also the training at altitude, which no mountains other than Himalayas can provide you. This course also gives you the chance to summit a technical mountain of 18000ft-20000ft in the Greater Himalayas.


Starting Date:

10 May 2018, 20 July 2018, 15 Sep 2018

Experience Level:

No previous experience or any kind of mountaineering skills required to start this course.


Himachal Pradesh / Ladakh

Duration 40 days:


Course Includes:

  • Rope management
  • Anchors- Rock, Snow, Ice
  • Belaying, Escaping Belay
  • Rock Climbing Training
  • Acclimatization Techniques
  • Ice climbing Training - Crampon Technique
  • Snow Craft
  • Glacier Travel
  • Wilderness First Aid
  • Risk Calculation and Management
  • Making Steep Ground Safe
  • Problem Solving in Mountains
  • SAA Study and Training
  • Search and Rescue Techniques
  • Mountain Weather
  • Use of Map and Compass
  • GPS use
  • Survival Techniques
  • Leave No Trace

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